Different Ways to Use Specialty Envelopes!

Christina Appleplum asked:

Specialty envelopes have numerous other uses besides their traditional role in correspondences.

Specialty envelopes are a must-have for any artist’s work. Your unique artwork deserves an equally unique specialty envelope, whether for storage or mailing. You can get specialty envelopes made of materials that make them easy to mail and to store, in exactly the size that you need. In addition to being a higher quality product than standard manila or cardboard envelopes, they are also more visually attractive. You don’t have to worry about artwork being destroyed or bent, when using your specialty envelopes for storage or mailing.

Specialty envelopes also work very well for photographers! For portrait, scenic, commercial, and other types of photography, envelopes are instrumental and important in keeping your pictures in top shape. Storing and mailing your pictures in specialty envelopes keeps them flat, un-torn, and protected from fingerprints and the elements. You worked hard on those prints, and you should protect them accordingly!

Specialty envelopes can also be used for merchandising. A number of items need to be mailed on a regular basis or to announce special events, such as: brochures, flyers, coupons, and bulletins. You can find exactly the right type of specialty envelope that is perfect for these situations. You can also be sure that your mailing will be in perfect condition with the right envelope. Specialty envelopes will impress upon the recipient the importance of the contents.

Any creative business needs many kinds of envelopes for mailing and storage. Whatever your items are, whether in your desk drawer or going into the mail, you want to keep them undamaged. If you’ve put time and energy into creating artwork or photography, you need to know that they are protected. Choose the appropriate specialty envelope, and you won’t have to worry about that, because the product was designed specifically to carry and protect your creation!

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