The Different Types of Envelopes

Kaitlyn Miller asked:

Time and again, envelopes have proven their worth in providing every business with great packaging for their marketing materials. Used for carrying letter proposals, brochure printing pieces, postcard printing items, and even flyer printing stuff, your envelope printing piece have become a significant part of your promotional arsenal, even in varying shapes and sizes.

Your envelope printing project has become an effective tool, widely used by most business owners to not only protect, but also to create that first impression – an introduction to your target clients.

Envelope printing pieces come in all shapes and sizes, and even formats. There’s the pocket envelope printing piece, the business reply envelope, the corporate envelope printing item, and the commonly used direct mail envelope printing pieces. And we should not forget the billing envelopes that are constant mainstays in your target clients’ busy mailbox.

And you also have to consider the size that your envelope printing project will be reproduced. There’s the pocket envelopes, which obviously has to fit inside the pockets, and the banker envelope printing piece that needs to fit the size of your target clients’ check. The bottom line is to vary your envelope printing size according to the material and document you’re going to insert in your envelope printing piece.

Here are some of the types of your envelope printing project which you can choose for your own needs and specifications:

Window envelopes – This type of envelope printing project has a “window” part at the front side where you can see the paper within. The hole cut in the front is usually covered with a transparent film to protect what’s inside, as well as make it easy to read the recipient’s name. Often, the paper within is arranged that the name and address of the recipient is visible in the window.

Direct mail envelopes – Often used by commercial industries to get fast reply from clients and customers, direct mail envelope printing pieces are “return envelopes” with a return address. It is generally used for courtesy reply mail, metered reply mail, and even freepost reply mail.

Corporate envelopes – These types of envelope printing pieces are used to reflect the image and brand of the company. Usually, it comes with customized specifications. The corporate envelope printing pieces are often used to hold company files, legal papers, and other company documents. The most common sight in a corporate envelope printing item is the logo of the company it represents.

Depending on your needs, your envelope printing project can be customized to fit your requirements. Just remember that your envelope printing project is the first thing that your target clients will see before any of your marketing campaign materials. So make sure that your envelope printing piece makes a positive first impression because it may just be your last chance to make a difference.

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