The Meaning of Sutra – Sutra Magazine Explains


Factually Sutra means a strand that connects things, and more figuratively refers to an aphorism or a series of aphorisms; a way of embodying and communicating guidelines of ancient religious and philosophic thought. SUTRA MAGAZINE explains further.

Sutras commonly relate to the Vedas, that is; Ancient Hindu Scriptures of which there are three types.

The Kalpa-sutras are rules of ritual; the Grihya-sutras are domestic rules regarding regular family matters such as marriage, and the Samayacharika-sutras concern customs and worldly duties.

South Africa’s premier lifestyle magazine, SUTRA™ has successfully brought these aspects and more together, adapted for the unique South African lifestyle in this cosmopolitan age.

Editor-in-chief, Dr. Kommal states that: “Indians in South Africa have over the years developed a very unique and intriguing culture that is deeply rooted in Indian values and culture, yet proudly South African.

The Indian people of South Africa have always been a very dedicated, and hardworking, and are much more than simply Bollywood. We lead very complex lifestyles and it is about time that world knows this”.

SUTRA™ magazine is the ’thread’ that links and eases the change in our ways of life, from the traditional to the forward-thinking approach we know today.

SUTRA™ strives to bring with one voice and enrich lives by providing relevant information based on positive ideals for individuals who know what they want and who are willing to take it.

“SUTRA may be an ancient concept but is in fact a modern approach. With the fast paced life in our global village, we need Sutra to keep us interestedly informed, enthusiastically entertained, and focused. All this in the palm of our hands!” Kamal Maharaj

In this season’s edition, readers can look forward to; Gavin Rajah the concept of this international fashion guru; Marriage across the colour line approve or disapprove; Your Wedding Sutra scrutinizes your big day; Love online the do’s and don’ts about internet dating. Sutra on Hair and Beauty; Restaurant Reviews; Festive Feelings Sutra celebrates at Eid and Diwali; Honeymoon Hotspots Sutra takes you on a journey to exquisite honeymoon destinations.

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